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How are Hostfully guidebooks different from what you can find on Airbnb/HomeAway, etc?

When you create a guidebook with Hostfully, you’ll get a few advantages over what you can create from within Airbnb or any other bookings platform: We offer hosts a platform-agnostic solution. Many hosts we’ve interviewed use multiple paid (Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, etc) and free platforms (HouseSwapping, Couchsurfing) to attract and book guests. Using Hostfully takes the hassle out of managing multiple guidebooks across platforms.
The focus of our guidebooks is on helping hosts provide better hospitality. This includes highlighting neighborhood favorites, local deals, and listing essentials like check-in and check-out.

How much does it cost?

Creating your first guidebook is free.
You can get an expanded set of features by upgrading to a Power Host subscription, and if you want to create more than one guidebook, you can sign up for a Prime or Prime Plus account.
View a comparison of our different plans here: Pricing

How do I share my guidebook with my guests?

The best way to share your guidebook is to send the guidebook link directly to the guest. We are aware that many booking platforms may suppress any links inserted into their internal messaging systems, so if you have your guest's email address, sending them a nice email sharing the guidebook is generally what we recommend.
To retrieve the guidebook link for a guidebook, you can go to your list of guidebooks in your host dashboard and click the URL displayed for the appropriate guidebook. The sharable link should be automatically copied to your clipboard. The link will look something like or if you are using a custom URL
If for some reason that doesn't work, you can simply preview the guidebook and then copy the URL from the browser. This link will look slightly different, something like or
We've written a blog post about how best to share your guidebook: How to Share Your Vacation Rental Guidebook

How can I include additional information about my home?

The House Manual section is made for you to add information about items that are unique to every home, like “how to do the laundry”, “how to operate the TV”, or “what to feed my elephant”.
You can create as many items as you like and add as much detail as necessary to inform your guests.
When editing your guidebook you can assign house manual cards you have already created or create more by clicking the "Create Card" button at the bottom of the section. On the edit form the house manual section appears just above the recommendation section.

What are the recommendations with the Hostfully Logo?

In some cities you will find that we’ve included the popular tours and activities as sponsored recommendations and added these to any applicable tabs. We offer these to your guests so that they can have a great experience. Your guests will see these alongside your more personal, local recommendations. In some regions, your guests may get a special discount compared to regular ticket prices.
When your guests purchase a tour or activity through the one of these recommendations, Hostfully gets a small portion of that revenue. This helps us offset the cost of development, and the opportunity to offer our service for free.
Paid users can configure the amount of sponsored recommendations that are displayed (or disable them entirely) by applying a theme card to their guidebooks.

How do I print my guidebook?

When editing your guidebook, there will be a print icon in the menu at the top. Clicking this will bring up our customizable print interface. You can change any settings you wish on this page and then click the print icon again in the top right.

How do I move my favorite recommendation or the most important house manual card to the top?

For recommendations: Edit the guidebook and go to the recommendations section. You will see two tabs labelled "select/edit" and "sort". If you click the "sort" tab, you can drag and drop your recommendations in the order that you wish to see them.
For house manual cards: Edit the guidebook and go to the recommendations section. You will see two tabs labelled "select/edit" and "sort". If you click the "sort" tab, you can drag and drop your recommendations in the order that you wish to see them.

Who can see my guidebook?

To protect the privacy of our customers, we’ve blocked search engines like Google from detecting and analyzing your guidebook. This means that the only people who will see your guidebook are you and your guests (to whom you’ve sent the link). Hostfully will never share your guidebook or personal information.
We recommend that you never share highly confidential information like your lockbox code. Also, we are working on protecting hosts by requiring a guest login, which will add an extra layer of security.

I'm having trouble placing the marker for my listing

The best way to get an accurate listing marker is to make sure that your property shows up in google maps properly. Not only does that help you locate and map your listing properly within Hostfully, it will also be easier to find for anyone using any third party application or just searching on the internet as well. To fix an error with your location informatin within google: start here. We are happy to help you with this process as well if need assistance.
You can also use latitude and longitude directly to map your listing, but the result is an imperfect solution, and the benefits of having your property properly located within the google maps system far outweigh the hassle of getting it set up.

What is the "Find Ground Transportation" card?

In the Arrival and Departures sections of your guidebooks, there will automatically be a section called "Find Ground Transportation" that uses the technology of one of our integration partners, Mozio, to help your guests find transportation to and from the airport. This feature can be very useful for your guests, but we understand that not all hosts want to have this form on their guidebooks.
Paid users can remove this by applying a theme to their guidebooks and unchecking the "Show Ground Transport Form" checkbox in the theme card.

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